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In the middle of a small village, on a sunny ridge, in 2005, on 23/12/2005 to be precise, a small local tavern opened its doors, then called DVA V ONE (BAR). The inn was popular with both local and foreign guests. The young guests called it the Gorički Spartacus.

All the sleepless nights and hard work gave birth to the idea that we should offer something more to our guests. So in 2010 we started preparing food. Additional spaces were needed, so we added a terrace for about 40 people at the front of the inn. We offered coated breads and snacks to the guests. We also added a fireplace, in which we occasionally roasted mixed meat, suckling pig and other types of meat. The number of guests was growing, the demand for food was increasing. We also expanded the inn, adding a room for about 40 people. With this expansion, we were able to start hosting groups, cooking lunches and dinners, hosting birthday parties and other celebrations. There were more and more guests, the inn or we had to rename the bar to GOSTILNA PRI ZVONIK. We had to increase the number of employees, both in service and in the kitchen. We remodeled the kitchen and are still using it today.

With the development of the inn, it became clear that we would also need another bread oven in the interior, where we could prepare baked goods and pizza. We built the oven in 2016 and started baking pizzas.

In February 2018, we entered the pizza baking competition, where we won the other competitors and became NATIONAL PIZZA BAKING CHAMPIONS! On June 5, 2018, the owner of OKREPČEVALNICE PRI CIMEŠTR, Mr. Martin Žokš, represented and achieved an excellent 27th place out of 640 participants at the World Pizza Baking Competition in Naples, Italy.

In 2018, we arranged conference rooms on the first floor, where we welcome up to 80 people. We are proud of the achieved success, which encourages us to continue working diligently.

The OKREPČEVALNICA PRI CIMEŠTR collective continues to invite you to visit with good food and drinks. Visit us from Tuesday to Sunday, treat yourself to real, homemade and delicious dishes, dishes to order, pizzas and refresh yourself with homemade juices or various other reinforcements! rooms for private parties (up to 80 people), annual terrace, picnic area, children's and soccer field, conference rooms and more.

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